I'm not a conspiracy theorist but methinks there's a dead squirrel in the White House

I found it interesting that the NY Times could mention the failure of Scotland Yard to convict terrorists they had dead-to-rights in a plot to blow up international airliners without mentioning Ron Suskind's accusation that the whole judicial fiasco had Duyba's greasy greedy fingers all over it. The sad part? It appears in our "war on terrorism" that Dubya and the entire GOP has been scaring children with over the past 7 years, OUR PRESIDENT is willing to sacrifice our actual safety (not to mention the safety of our allies in Britain on the front lines) to get a bounce just before mid-term elections.

After blowing the cover off of one of Britiain's elite counter-terrorism cases prematurely, Dubya didn't get the bounce he wanted (the Republicans still took hits in the mid-terms), he also fucked up a solid case--the result you can see in today's NY Times headlines. No one was convicted.

Dubya is the dead squirrel in the White House, and now our whole country stinks because of it.

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