Home Sweet Home

I officially have been in my house 5 years now. Only 10 more years and it's mine, all mine I tell ya.

*rubs hands together devilishly*

But I've made some big changes. I guess I should have added "a good house project" to that list of things that make me happy. And now, for a blast from the past.

Fall 2005, I began the landscaping (right). Oh what a difference two years make (left is 2007).

The mint green in the kitchen made me feel like I was in an ice cream shop. So I added a splash of yellow rain coat.

More mint green in the living/dining area. Not that I'm opposed to green, just that I think a darker shade is better.

The bathroom was a disaster. 1960s wallboard: white with gold stars. The medicine cabinet was an eye sore. So I took things in my own hands.

Half way through this project, I began to regret it. There were surprise holes in the walls under that wallboard. The plaster walls were completely unfinished. The plaster beneath the window had rotted, I assume by years of water leakage. And atop it all, eight (!!!) layers of wallpaper. I kid you not. Peeling off that wallpaper was like taking a blast through the past. The simple geometric paper. The swans on blue water wallpaper. The tropical fish on black background wallpaper. And the bright yellow daisys on a striped yellow and green background. In fact, it was a stroll down tacky lane.

But I got a little help....

Two years later, voila!

Next project? Front porch.

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