I need some new reading material.

Daktari is tired of the same ol' same ol' stuff coming in on the RSS feeds. So I'm looking to you guys out there for some fresh material.

Send me your favorite news links, science sites, life stuff, photography...whatever. I'll check it out.

Go Fug Yourself just isn't enough to satisfy my procrastination needs anymore. Sigh.


  1. I really like Bitch PhD. http://bitchphd.blogspot.com/

    They post a lot on political stuff and feminism, plus some on academia. Keeps me interested.

  2. ♦ The dailyphotos are fun. There's tons of them for every city you can think of.
    ♦ Boing Boing is good-they've got lost of different departments to pick from for RSS feeds, too.
    ♦ For humor: stuff white people like, FAIL blog, indexed, and the onion
    ♦ NOTCOT.org is very eclectic-lots of design stuff but I enjoy it.
    ♦ GOOD is refreshing.
    ♦ Dark roast blend is just plain fun, though a little long at times.
    ♦ Don Croner writes about his current travels in Mongolia, but he doesn't post very often.
    ♦ Skineart was interesting for awhile, but then it got old.
    ♦ Freakonomics, the coyote blog, and Joanne Jacobs are interesting commentaries. Kind of libertarian though.
    ♦ And the J Continuum is always interesting.

  3. Oh, and if you're looking to procrastinate, I could use your input about Yellowstone over at my blog. Thanks!

  4. My personal favorites are Language Log and xkcd; I've finally caught up to where I've read pretty much all the xkcd's ever though. But Language Log -- still so many depths to plunge!

    Slate.com is good, though it's basically neoliberal. The occasional brilliant article is obscured somewhat by the many shitty ones. Nonetheless, Today's Papers is at the top of my list, every day.

    Let's see... Stuffed & Starved is good (on the serious front), as is Feministe and Feministing, and I'm a big fan of Epic-Fu, a webshow. I've picked up a lot of music featured on their "Sh!t that we like" segment. And if one's at all into video games, Zero Punctuation is fun fun funny.

    And sorry, I'm too lazy to provide links today =]

    (Oh 3 or 4 more: Darths & Droids and The Secret History of Star Wars for geeks, "Medical Reviews of House" for, well, also geeks, Television Without Pity for those who like tv but love snark, and TV Tropes for, well, similar reasons.)

    Oh, and lileks (http://lileks.com/institute/index.html) and JayPinkerton.com doesn't seem to be going anymore, but he had some funny stuff (if tongue-in-cheek misogynistic).

  5. Stuff + Cats = Awesome

  6. Thanks you guys for all the great sites!


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