A photo collage aka a blast from the past

Having sold Bek my dining room suite, I had a lot of odds and ends from the china cabinet lying around that I finally had to deal with today. To deal with them, I had to box them up and find room for them in the utility closet, which meant, of course, cleaning out the utility closet. All of this was preferable to really cleaning up my house or working outside in that humidity, so I gave it a go. Along the way, I came across two of those picture collage frames with pictures from my past. I figured this was good pickins for the upcoming garage sale, so I removed all the pictures. Now...the oldest picture in this collage was of Bill the Cat, which we had when I was in high school, and the most recent appears to from July 1995.

Here is a list of the photos I found:
My brother holding a bass (1989).
My mother, sister and nephew against the Chicago skyline (circa winter 1990).
A portrait of my mother from the mid-80s.
Portrait of my dad from the mid-80s.
Dakota and Nevada in the backyard at the Riverside Lawn house (July 1995).
Lee at the beach (April 1995).
Dakota and Nevada in the tub (Apr 1995).
Another photo of Dakota and Nevada in the backyard at the Riverside Lawn house. I think I was trying to show my nice landscaping (July 1995).
Dakota as a puppy at Doug's Bolingbrook house (May 1985).
Brian, Liz and baby Hunter Chapman (date unknown).
Dad holding Kate at Doug's house (New Year's Day 1989).
Dakota holding a Christmas bone (Christmas Day 1988).
Dad holding Lee in the leaves in the backyard (November 1988).
Elaine showing Lee an ostrich at the Louisville Zoo (date unknown, likely summer 1988).
Elaine and Brooks (Christmas 1986).
Grandma opening a present (Christmas Day, year unknown).
Lee in winter clothes (March 1989).
My ex looking goofy (August 1992). OMG, I married THAT?
My ex lying on a couch, shirtless (July 1992). I must have been under the influence!
Lee in his Peter Pan Halloween costume with Dakota (presumably October 1990ish, although as I recall, he enjoyed wearing that costume for a very long time).
Dad holding Lee in the kitchen (Nov 1988).
Don and I with Dakota and Blackjack in his apartment in Bolingbrook (had to be July 1989, when I first moved up).
Grandma, Gram and Lee (in Peter Pan hat again), date unknown.
Grandma Brown with her 93th birthday cake (Jan 14, 1990).
Lee, standing on the tank in Central Park (circa Thanksgiving 1990?)
Brooks holding Lee on the church steps the day Lee was christened (1988?).
Scott Borders (Christmas Day 1986).
Lee on steps at Mom's house (July 1989).
Liz and Brian Chapman on their wedding day.
Gram's church portrait (1990).
Scott and I with Sue at our 10-year class reunion (1990).
Bill the Cat (date unknown)
Brian Chapman and baby Hunter (date unknown).
Elaine in mom's dining room (date uknown).
Portrait of Lee Michael sitting on a stool (circa Easter 1990?).
Elaine, Lee and Mom in an Egyptian cut-out at the Field Museum (circa January 1990).
Picture of Don grilling at his Braidwood house (circa 1990).

A long list, to be sure. It was two collage picture frames. But man, what a difference two decades makes!

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