Canine Companions

I have traveled with dogs before. That is to say, I have driven from point A to point B with a dog in the backseat. I have never been camping with a dog before, and to say the least, I've never tried to do research with a dog along for the ride. So this was a new experience.

While I must say that they held up as well as could be expected for two dogs cramped into a seat for a month and only able to leave the car when it was 1) cool enough that they wouldn't burn their feet, 2) not in a restricted area, which was most of the time, and 3) certain not to get four feet full of cactus spines. Needless to say, they spent plenty of time in the car.

Nonetheless, they were fantastic traveling companions. There is something about sharing your sleeping bag on a cold night with a dog that is as anxious for the extra blankets as you are of the fur coat. There is something about sitting in a place you've never been before with a dog under your arm that just makes it that much more satisfying. It was a bonding experience for Jake and me.

I think my favorite dog spot was Bates Canyon, CA. Despite having interlopers in our exclusive campground, we were able to trek up the road, let the dogs off the leash, and let them be dogs once again. Ok, so Jack flushed out a pheasant and Jake made short work of one of the chicks....America is a tough town. They were dogs. Running, sniffing, exploring, playing, and even relaxing. Here are some of my favorite dog memories from our trip.

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