California: Meh

Top to bottom: 1) The Kerr River after it leaves Lake Isabella; 2) a kopje we climbed overlooking Lake Isabella; 3) Bates Canyon Road; 4) Pismo Beach dunes 5) Overlook of Morro Rock from Montana de Oro State Park.

I'd love to say that California captured my imagination the way that Utah did, but I'd be lying outright. California is fabulousy better than Texas, only marginally better than Florida, and pales in comparison to either Utah or Nevada. Liv would beg to differ: California has surfer boys. Alas, we all have our biases.

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  1. The memories... already I miss my tent and camping and, and DRY FREAKIN' AIR. I must add also, that as much as I love surfer boys, Utah is way better than California in my mind too. But California tops Nevada, Texas, and Florida without a doubt


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