Chacos: Day 1

Ok, so I went to Shawnee Trails Outfitters today and purchased myself a boss new pair of Chacos ZX/1 in biscotti. That's a color, not a flavor. I'd take a picture, but I dropped off my camera for an estimate on cleaning today. I'm spending $15 to get an estimate on the cost to clean the sand out of my camera. In the end, I can probably buy a camera for about 2X the cost of the cleaning. One of th reasons I sent it off for an estimate was, I wanted a bit of time away from it to make a decision about it. In any event, this post isn't about cameras, it's about sandals.

When I first tried on the Chacos, they didn't feel right. The arch was too far forward. I tried a bigger size. That didn't help. I fiddled with the straps. I walked around a bit. I fiddled some more. I walked circles around the crowded shop. Two high school boys (or maybe they are college boys---they all look like they're not done cooking yet) sat on director's chairs and flirted with the sales lady. They paid me no notice except when I walked up to the front of the store. Anyway, with one size 9 sandal on and one size 10 sandal on, I could see that the 9 fit better. I made my purchase and away I went. $102.00 with tax. Tax sucks.

I've worn them all day. I've continued to fiddle with the straps. First I decide they are too tight. I loosen them. Then I decide they are too loose. I tighten them. Having learned something from the 9-10 comparison, I now have one loose sandal and one tight sandal. I wish you could see the sad little Teva tan lines on my feet. Naked, my feet are entirely happening with that tan line. But in these new Chacos, it's just a pitiful reminder of the sandals that were.

The Tevas lasted more than 4 years. They saw trips to Yellowstone, numerous lakes, streams, prairies, backyards, picnics, street festivals, and yes, deserts and oceans. Now, as I sit here trying not to scratch that one little spot of poison oak under my chin, I remember all the good times. I hope these Chacos see me through as many interesting adventures.

Then again, maybe they are just sandals.

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