Waiting for J

I am practicing patience. It is not something that comes naturally. But D-fav J got a new job in a new city with a big fat new degree and his life is beginning in ways ol' D can only dream about for a while. I'm sure he's having a blast, but I miss him. Well, not him per se, but his blog-o-smack that makes my political rantings way more fun.

For instance, I want someone who can tell me why vigils, letters to Congressmen who aren't going to listen, and protests in the street are seen as proactive and effective responses to Israel's ceaseless bombing in Gaza. It seems all very mamby-pamby to me.

"Oh please, mighty Israel, please stop bombing those innocent Palestinians with all those weapons that we gave you. Those weren't for smacking down flies, but for stopping a herd of wildebeast."

"No, I am Megatron, and death is my signature!"

"Alas, Megatron, you leave us with no choice. We will walk the streets at night with our candles lighting the way as we sing chorus upon chorus of kumbaya. Think of the PR nightmare! Think of the poor opinion that world will have of you. Oh wait. They already do. Well, at least we'll feel better."

Elections are the way to make change. Elections will stop torture by our government. Election will change a lot of things. But will this election change our policy toward Israel? I seriously doubt it because the will of the people is not behind it, because Palestinians are Muslims and Arabs, and Israelis are Jews and miraculously not seen as Arabs, and let's face it. Muslim Arabs ain't exactly on our BFF list.

D is lighting a candle and having a vigil of her own. No one will argue with me about stuff. Come back soon, J.

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