There's a saying for this

It's called Oh. my. God. And it starts like this.

You set the dough to rise.

It rises.

You add a little more flour. Oops. Lost a wooden spoon on that one. Small sacrifice. You'll see.

You roll out the dough.

You look something like this when done. Don't worry. It will wash off.

You melt butter. Lots and lots of butter. This is a stick and a half. This is just for the first batch. I hope you aren't on a diet.

Then you add sugar and cinnamon. Oh, and lots and lots of butter.

Roll, slice, and presto. Set to rise again. Then pop them in the oven and wait.

Wait for your house to fill with that aroma. I think strong men have been brought to their knees by that smell. Couple it with bacon and you're sure to get a marriage proposal.

Oh did I mention you have to smother them in icing? The cinnamon rolls, not the men. Although....no, nevermind.

So that's a lot of cinnamon rolls. I had two and I'm way full. I tried to give a pan to Liv, but she won't answer her phone. I guess she's going to have to deal with the wrath-o-D-ennis after I inform him that he had an opportunity to have some of these while they were still warm. Man, I'm sure glad I'm not Liv about now.

In any event, I'm taking these into school tomorrow. It was fun to make. My house smells great, and now my friends will think I'm fab. Oh, and if you get a hankering to make something delicious, why not peruse the offerings over at Pioneer Woman's site. Dang. That chick's got some kick-ass recipes.

Post script on the Cinnamon Roll Giveaway: The entire 4 trays were gone before the pot of coffee was done brewing. Can grad students eat or what?


  1. Thank god I answered my phone. Cold, they're good. Warm, they're to die for. And even though I tracked you down, Daktari, I will still have to deal with the wrath-o-D-ennis because I'm going to eat them all myself. If you don't see my tomorrow it's because I'm in a cinnamonny-goodness-induced coma.

  2. Ooh, those DO look good. Mmmmm.

    Must recover from Chinese-food induced coma before baking sugary fatty goodness.

  3. That Pioneer Woman site is total food porn. *drool*

  4. Oh, and now that you have the Obama bobblehead, Doodle pitches a fit, yelling "Obama! Obama! Nooooo!" whenever J or I scroll down on your blog. So she approves of your blog bling.


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