What I did with my Saturday

Today, I'm throwing Beckie a party. So yesterday, I had to get the food ready for 30 guests. I wasn't really planning on 30 guests when I put the menu together, but suddenly, it seemed that people from school were interested in going, and then in-laws, step siblings, half sibs, and someone who might or might not have gone to high school with Beckie was on the guest list.

But I had already decided to make a special cake.

First, I used a LOT of this.

Oh, and this part was fun!


This is called fondant. This was the first time I ever made fondant. It took me a while. If you ever need a sugar overload, I suggest that fondant is the way to go. I think there is about 2.5 lbs of sugar in this little dough ball.

Putting it all together?

This is for Beckie and her little peanut.

I sure hope she likes it, because this took me 5 hours to make.

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