Angel's Peak, NM

I tried to drive from Albuquerque, NM to Farmington, NM in one day. I started very late. Very late. I have an excuse. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to find one of my plants. I looked high and low. I looked until it got dark. And then I tried to drive to Farmington.

Huge mistake.

It was only about 100 miles. But it was 100 miles through the Navajo Nation.

Folks, the Navajo apparently don't believe in fast food restaurants, rest areas, or reasonably priced hotels. So I was suddenly aware of the miracle that happened when I saw a brown sign that said BLM campground.

Holy moly! I couldn't pull down that road fast enough. And then it was another 5 miles. It kept teasing me with signs saying "scenic lookout" and "picnic area". Aaargh. Where was the damn campground?

When I finally found it, I had my pick of the place. I was all alone. A free campground and no neighbors. That's my idea of fun. Too tired to erect a tent, I put my sleeping bag down in the back of the car, let Jake eat and do his thing and then it was all zzzzzzzssssss.

In the morning, I want you to see what I saw just steps away from my car door.

I'm lucky I didn't run over the cliff.

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