I was saving money for this?

After having destroyed my camera on Liv and Liz's Wild West Adventure earlier this year, I was saving my pennies for a "real" camera. A Nikon. That was, right up until today when I saw this advertising campaign out of Japan. h/t Feministing.

Wow. That's all I got. Nothing makes me want to buy a camera more than its ability to take high quality child pornography. The lesbian thing is just a bonus, I guess.

Or the potential to create my own jungle-fever-racist bullshit.

And this is just stupid.

Needless to say, I think Canon is getting my hard-earned dollars at this point. Nikon: what a bunch of fucktards.

Agency: Euro RSCG, Singapore
Photographer: Jeremy Wong
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Blower
Creative Director: Victor Ng
Art Director: Lee Hsueh Ling
Copywriter: Victor Ng, Stephen Kyriakou

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  1. Are. They. Fucking. Me. With. This.

    Judas priest.

    Nikon: If you're a fucktard, look no further.


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