Recycling for Research

OK, they laughed when I sent around an email saying that I would come by and collect pop cans for research money. However, I earned $27 toward my last research trip just by saving my pop cans since last fall. I figure I can quadruple that amount by collecting cans from others. Now, I'm not going so far as to scrounge out of my neighbors recycling bins (hmmmmmmm, now there's an idea!), but I will pick it up from my co-workers! I have NO shame! And say what you will, but I have already received 2 offers of work doing odd jobs for faculty!

I have to say, though. There was a moment there when I was in my driveway crushing those cans that I suddenly felt like a big ol' homeless person. Anyone who says I haven't paid my dues is owed a great big PFffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

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