Nothing Beats Hard Work

Ok, not much happened to me today, but I did get to spend my day hanging out on a pseudo-farm with 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a fairly talented mockingbird. I've been staining a deck of one of our professors and her four pooches provide entertainment to say the least. Frankie, the older akita likes to get out in the tomato patch and rub his behind against the tomato stakes. Sparky is a short-legged, ice blue-eyed cattle dog mutt with enough personality to light up a room. Maybe that's why he's called Sparky. Daisy is a mopsy little dog that stays to herself mostly. She is sweet though and her tail thumps whenever you get nearby. Finally, there's Sam. At least I think it's Sam. Sam is a lab mix, smaller than my other lab mix friend, Jack.

I also pulled the John Deere out of the barn and ran some circles around the front lawn. The grass was getting knee high. I have three railings left to go on the porch, a lot of window trim to paint, and 1/4 of a garden to complete weeding in the next five days. It's gonna be a horse race to finish.

There is a satisfying tired that comes with a day of hard work. I'm just glad I got to spend my day in the company of canine friends.

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