It is amazing to me how going on a diet and starting to work out has turned me into a total hermit. The problem is two-fold. I understand that I can't be eating out and hanging out at the bar all the time. I might as well walk around with a sugar IV hanging out of my arm if I was going to do that. Secondly, most of my free time seems to be involved in working out or tending to my responsibilities at home or work. And I'll be honest. I'm getting older. Working out is hard. I need more rest than I did before. I no longer entertain myself by wandering around stores. I don't go to the grocery every day. I'm just more inclined to actually rest my weary muscles. I enjoy working out. I feel better, but I didn't think that an hour a day workout was going to consume all my time. Working out, apparently, is my new hobby. Sure, I run into people I know who are also working out, but it's not exactly socializing. And my go-to person for socializing now has a baby and I haven't seen her since the day the kid was born almost a month ago!

I think I need a movie night. Or a regular card game. Or a game night. Or a trip to St. Louis to the orchid show. Or just something to get me interacting with people again.

Any ideas for ending my self-imposed isolation?

h/t Ananova for pic.


  1. I'll help! Lets go to a movie, or plan a game night! And I've always wanted to go to the Orchid show--wanna go next weekend?

  2. I'd love to go to the orchid show. Bek wants to go next weekend, too, but she'll probably drive separately because the young 'un prevents her from making a day of it in StL. If you'd like, we could also get some food on the Hill, maybe swing by REI, Whole Foods and Crate and Barrel. It's my regular St Louis routine. What say you?


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