New Year's Resolutions

Wow. Another year is here already. Every year, I make some resolutions and before I set new goals for the coming year, let's review on last year's progress.

1. Make significant and meaningful progress toward finishing my phylogeny and my breeding system studies.

Ok, so I got funding for my project, went out west, did some wicked collecting, and have started to work on my phylogeny, but haven't made any progress on my breeding system studies. Carry over to 2010.

2. Finish the shower stall installation, complete with new drywall, ceiling, tile work and ceiling fan.

Total fail. Blame the termites which broke the bank.

3. Paint the front porch.

I bought the paint. Does that count? Ok, Ok. So I'll get this done before I head back to school in January.

4. Get to Chicago for fun and adventure. Anyone want to join me?

Got to Chicago for Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Day only. Visiting was nice, but not much actual fun took place. Maybe next year. Or maybe next year, I'll move that party to Lafayette, IN.

5. Get in shape to climb a mountain. Then climb it.


6. Limit eating out to twice a month for lunch, and once a month for dinner. Oh wait a minute, does Dollar Pitcher Wednesdays at Quatros count? Sheesh. I see my first fail for the new year.

Did pretty good on this one, but I didn't always succeed. I did, however, manage to break my Wednesdays at Quatros habit...mostly because Beckie got pregnant and couldn't drink beer with me anymore.

7. Clean out the backlog in my freezer.

Moderate success.

8. Take Jake hiking at least once every two weeks.

Well, I took Jake hiking in the area in the winter, then we went on two collecting trips out west and then we sort of petered out toward the end of the year. Jake doesn't have the legs that he used to for hiking.

9. Enjoy sightseeing close to home and a weekend trip now and again with friends. I'm thinking Nashville, Chicago, Memphis, Louisville, Kansas City, New Orleans, etc.

I went to St. Louis several times, but that was it.

10. Make new friends. Quit being a hermit and get out and expand my circle, meet new people and cultivate new friendships.

I tried this. I actually had several dates this year. A couple with Curtis. One or two with Alvin. One with that jerk T.J. And I rounded out the year with a promising date with Marty.

New Year's Resolutions for 2010.

Marty is/was a personal trainer and has graciously given me some pointers, plans, and direction. So as a h/t to him, I going to actually try to stick with an exercise and diet plan that can work for me. That said, I would love to be fierce before this is all over. I need lots of energy to finish this degree and exercise gives you even more energy, so let's see where this goes. Resolution #1: GET IN SHAPE AND STAY THERE.

Resolution #2: Don't backslide on Resolution #1.

I can't really think of many more resolutions. Except maybe stop freaking out and chasing men away who seem to be interested in me.

Oh well, I'm off to the rec center. Happy New Year to everyone!

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