I Suck

This is a night-blooming cereus. AKA Star of Bethlehem. It's in my house. It's on my plant.

This is a spectaclar flower that blooms on an otherwise ugly plant. Seriously ugly plant. The only reason anyone keeps one of these plants in their house is that the flower, no matter how infrequent the blooms may come, is spectacular to behold.

Imagine my joy at learning that I had a bloom on my plant after only four years. (Some people have to wait much, much longer.)

Only there is one problem. I discovered the blossom after the plant had flowered.

Did I mention that the flower lasts only one night?

I must be the only botanist on Earth who gets a night-blooming cereus to bloom and then MISSES THE WHOLE FREAKIN' THING. So for your benefit and mine, I'm including a time lapse video from YouTube of what a night-blooming cereus is SUPPOSED to look like and why I keep this God-awful ugly plant in my house.

Enjoy. I wish I could.

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