Ok, I realize that less than 24 hours ago I shunned all blogging activity here forever. But did you ever have something that hung over you, maybe something you were supposed to do, and that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't motivate yourself to do it? I'm there. I've been there a while. I've decided to do something about it.

The thing about this blog that has tortured me so is that it tries to be all things to all people. It's part travel log, part political discussion group, part personal bitch session, and part photo log. In trying to be all these things, it does none of them well. And mostly, it doesn't reflect me well. All these posts got jumbled together and just seemed to get me more confused by the day.

So, from now on in this spot, I will only do one thing. Well, maybe two. I've decided to split my posts into separate blogs. I am resurrecting the Daktari blog as an issue-driven site. Visitors here won't have to slog through that crap to get to the awesome travel pics. Or recipes. Or stories about my weekend outings with Jake. Here on this blog, which I have re-Christened Trail Blazing After 40, and given a new look, you can find my latest adventures, travel picks, food stories, and generally the upbeat portions of my life. I promise. No more unraveling in front of complete strangers.

The Daktari blog will be the place where I engage in my political, racial, economic and graduate school diatriabes. I suspect that site will have far fewer visitors overall. LOL At present, I'm having some difficulty viewing the blog, but it will be operational as soon as I iron out the technical glitches. And after that it may take me a while to move my posts around so that each blog has it's appropriate archives.

Oh, and Jake now has his own blog. I hope that all your pups and pets will subscribe. He's a little nervous about his starring role.

So, forever is a relative term it would seem. And at least in this case, extinction was just an avenue for rebirth. I hope this is a solution that works not only for you, but also for me.

I hated feeling like I was pushing things on my readers. I'm thinking of your comfort as well as my own.

Happy reading!

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