Thoughts on the State of the Union

Just some thoughts I had as I listened to the SOTU address.

Reinvest in auto makers? Why are we continuing to invest in automobiles? Why aren't we reducing our commitment to a dinosaur on its way to extinction? I'd rather see big ideas on how to get Americans to drive less.

The education portion of the SOTU seemed to focus solely on a college education. Having stood in front of a college classroom, as many of you have, I know that most of those kids who show up aren't prepared to be there. If we are going to increase college graduation rates, we are going to have to address these problems. Which means, investing in public education. Maybe, just maybe....(are you listening Liv?)...we should consider teaching in high schools for some portion of our careers.

Health care. I didn't hear any ideas. Handy being president. You can just tell Congress to send you legislation when you don't know what to do. Hee.

Check's in the mail? Every family making under $250K gets a check back? Did I hear that right? Too many Mardi Gras pancakes, I think.

I hope he means what he says about taking care of veterans. They've had to struggle for too long to get what should have been given to them in gratitude.

Guantanamo Bay is closing! Did you guys hear that the "terrorist" from Britain was returned there and released after being detained briefly by British authorities today?

Sorry, not much more than that tonight. I have a bit of a headache.

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