Barack and Biden should call FTD ASAP

Do you think FTD makes a "WTF Were You Thinking?" bouquet? McCain's announcement of Gov. Palin of Alaska as his running mate was, IMO, a clear indication that he has ceded this election.

I thought there could be worse Republican presidents than John McCain. Oh Pat Robertson and that dipshit from Arkansas spring to mind. However, after months of bashing Obama for his youth and inexperience, in his first "presidential" decision, John McCain chose to put someone younger than Obama, with less experience than Obama a heartbeat away from the presidency. Probably not the smartest idea when the heartbeat in question is 72 freaking years old (!!).

Am I alone here? If I was a Republican (ok, let's savor the irony of that statement for a moment), I'd run screaming from the party today.

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